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Create your store with the remarkable possibilities of, reach hundreds of people at once and increase your income. Real Estate, Vehicle, Electronics, Fashion, Jewelry, Living, Stationery, Garden, Mother & Baby, Clothing, Sports, Cosmetics, Personal care, Book, Music, Movie, Hobby... and thousands ads for everyone's requirement in more category.
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Who Wouldn't Want To Have An Online Store That Is Open 24 Hours!

* With opening store in, your ads can easly reach to millions of visitors and you can have access to them without being limited to working hours.

* If you open your store, you can benefit from the privileges and features of and your company and products can be seen by hundreds of people.

* members, can easily upload your ads on Qatar's most professional advertising sites and reach people in the fastest way. We wish you plenty of gains!

If you wish, you can check the benefits of opening a Store.

Store Benefits

Company Details

You can give detailed company information at your store page.


Unlike other websites, hasn't monthly payments. You can give Ad with your budget as you wish.


Assign representative on your behalf, it allows someone else to take care of your store.

More Photos

Your store can include more photos and details.

Company Logo/Photo

You can upload a logo or photo to your store page.

Store Showcase

It appears in the “Store Showcase” of our homepage, you reach more people.

Store Package Pricing

0 $


  • Ad Unit price: 0 $
  • Ad Credit: 25 Ads
  • Photo Limit: 8 Photo
  • Representative Limit: 0
  • Quick Ad Approve: NO
Create Store

50 $


  • Ad Unit price: 2 $
  • Ad Credit: 25 Ads
  • Photo Limit: 10 Photo
  • Representative Limit: 0
  • Quick Ad Approve: NO
Buy Now

75 $


  • Ad Unit price: 1.5 $
  • Ad Credit: 50 Ads
  • Photo Limit: 15 Photo
  • Representative Limit: 1
  • Quick Ad Approve: NO
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100 $


  • Ad Unit price: 1 $
  • Ad Credit: 100 Ads
  • Photo Limit: 20 Photo
  • Representative Limit: 3
  • Quick Ad Approve: YES
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(*) Package rates are shown in United States Dollars ($).

(*) reserves the right to make changes and/or campaigns at any time without any notice in the package limit, feature and prices offered.

What is the Cost of Store?

Now Anyone Can Have An Online Store Easily!

There are 3 different store packages in Qatarbazaar. You can own a store at a more advantageous price than your store package type. Opening the store that suits you from these price advantages will save you money.

Ad Credit: The maximum number of ads that may be publishing transiently from your store.
Photo Limit: The maximum number of photos you can upload per ad post.
Representative Limit: Limit of representative you can assign to your store.
Quick Approved: This is the approval of the published advertisements without waiting for the approval of In instant approved packages, your ad is immediately located in the site when published.
Category Limit: Our store system allows you to open store/post ad in just one category for each store. You can open your store and publish your ads in the category you selected while opening.