Annex-5 Change in User Profile

These are the applications put forward by “QATARBAZAAR” in order to enable the “Member” to perform the works and transactions defined in this contract within the “Portal” and these are defined in Annex-2. “QATARBAZAAR” may make amendments and/or adaptations to the “Service”s at any time to enable the “Member” to perform the operations and transactions defined in this Agreement more effectively on the applications set forth in the Portal. The rules and conditions which the “Member” is obliged to comply with regarding these changes and adaptations made by “QATARBAZAAR”, shall be announced to the “Member” via the “Portal” where the “QATARBAZAAR” explains the use of the relevant Service.

The user profile; is the information page where the users make their scores or the comments about other buyers and sellers as a result of the transactions, they have made in the past via the QATARBAZAAR portal through the Secure Electronic Commerce Service.

Member Profile Evaluation System, fully implement an evaluation and scoring system created by the members' initiative and evaluations to secure communication and trade between QATARBAZAAR and “Member”s and enable “Member”s and “User”s to have an opinion about other “Member”s. “Member”s and “QATARBAZAAR” have the right and authority to enter new posts in the “Member” Profile. When adding new comments to the user profile or advertisements, “Member”s will enter their comments only in accordance with their experience and knowledge in the use of the “QATARBAZAAR” “Service”s and “Portal”.

When creating a Member Profile and adding new comments to the user profile, all criminal and civil liability regarding the comments and ratings of the “Member”s lie with the “Member” who adds new comments and makes scoring. “QATARBAZAAR” has no obligation to conduct a research or assessment of whether the comments and ratings in question are fair or just.

“Member”s may not transfer any member profiles created for them to any other “Member” under any conditions and conditions or allow their use in any way. In case the member transfers the member profile created for himself or makes it available to others, “Member”s accept and declare that “QATARBAZAAR” has the right to terminate this agreement and to terminate the membership of the “Member”.

Users agree and declare that “QATARBAZAAR” has the right to remove the comments and/or suspend the “QATARBAZAAR” membership of the comment owner if the comments made by the users are included in one of the following substances:

1. It has been established by a court judgment that the interpretation (comment) is defamatory or slanderous or of an offense or illegal nature and the decision has been submitted to QATARBAZAAR,

2. The comment includes of slang and racist expressions,

3. The comment contains statements that are contrary to the general morality, harassing or demeaning statements of personality rights,

4. The comment includes the user's personal information, address, telephone, e-mail address and so on, except for the information available to all QATARBAZAAR users,

5. The comment has been provided to “QATARBAZAAR” by users who have given false and/or fraudulent user information and by unreachable users

6. It is a negative nature of the comment and has been given to another user by mistake;

7. The comment contains a link or script.

If the “Member”s violate the rules specified by QATARBAZAAR in the portal or the provisions of this contract and its annexes, they accept and declare that “QATARBAZAAR” may stop, terminate, or cancel their user profile temporarily or indefinitely either by giving warning or without any notice.