Annex-8 Prohibited Products List

The List of Prohibited Products that cannot be posted on

Health Declaration Products: It is forbidden to promote and sell the products that contain statement of health in other words “statements suggesting or implying that it protects, treats and directly or indirectly beneficial to human health or effective against diseases or symptoms,

Prescription Drugs: The promotion or sale of medicines prescribed by the doctor is prohibited.

Cultural and Natural Properties: The sale of Cultural and Natural Properties at is prohibited.

Cyber Attack and Hacking Software: Cyber-attack and hacking software. Software that provides illegal access to software, servers, or websites. Software that allows illegal access to mobile phones and other communication or content distribution systems / devices. Decoder products that crack cable or satellite signals to get free cable services. Software and products that capture and decrypt wireless internet connections.

Firearms: Blank, air, pumped, firing, real bullets or plastic bullets, Firearms that use blank, air, pumped, firing, real or plastic bullets, working or non-working firearms, pepper gas (tear gas), electro shock devices, all kinds of military ammunition (bullets, grenades, Molotov cocktails, land-sea mines, etc.), the sale of explosives, all types of cutting and piercing tools (swords, wedges, etc.), attacks and other special firearms intended to be used in defense shall be prohibited.

Weapons, pistols and rifles, ammunition, Bali song knives, butterfly knives and brass knuckles. All kinds of materials, descriptions, sketches, drawings and similar information about the construction of weapons are prohibited. (Toy painted gun, toy water gun, toy paintball guns can be sold). Firearms cannot be sold even if they have a collection feature.

Copied & Pirated Products: All kinds of voice and image carriers are forbidden to sell without copyright.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products and Electronic Cigarette: Tobacco, tobacco products and similar products, all types of products and electronic cigarettes that carry the name, brand or phrase of these products, or products that are similar to these products or evocative of these products.

Alcohol: The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Prohibited Publications: All kinds of magazines, newspapers, cassettes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs and similar publications that commend any kind of divisional, racist, reactionary and illegal political ideas and formations shall be prohibited.

Prohibited Animal Species: The sale of animals in the category of game and wild animals under the law is prohibited.

Sexual Content and Pornographic Products: Advertisements with sexual content in exchange for money. Adult sexual fantasy products and pornographic publications (VCD, DVD, VHS, Magazine). Child pornography or other materials of unacceptable nature.

Replica Designer Products: Products with replicas or imitations of designer products.

Fake Documents: Fake IDs, passports, diplomas and titles of dignity.

Traffic Devices: Radar jammers, license plate covers, traffic sign modifiers, and associated products.

Fund & Stock: Stock, Bonds, Bills; exchange of valuable documents.  Advertisements promoting the sale of money with interest (usury) and similar activities are prohibited.

Organ Sales: The sale of human organs, the trade and the prohibition of organ trafficking.

Games of Chance: Tickets, coupons and similar documents belonging to games of chance that are / are not drawn.

Personal Rights: Any information such as special news, photos, images, phone numbers, e-mails, residence addresses that violate the rights of persons.

Drugs or Addictive Substances: Any illicit natural or chemical substances, all kinds of drugs.

Radio: It is forbidden to sell all radios that are not in compliance with the Telecommunications and Short Distance Access Radio Devices Regulation via

Sales of Prescription Eyewear Frames, Glasses and Lenses: The sale of all kinds of lenses, prescribed glasses and frames is prohibited at due giving right to the sale of numbered glass frames and all kinds of lenses and making the montage of glasses to the optician profession exercising the optician profession and the obligation of selling must be realized under the name of the establishment of opticianry within the scope of the given license from the highest health management.

Hearing Aids: is forbidden to sell all kinds of hearing aid products via

Veterinary medicinal products: The sale of all kinds of veterinary medicinal products is prohibited at

Event Tickets: In order to prevent the sale of tickets, it is forbidden to announce the tickets of all kinds of sports competitions at Sale of all kind of event tickets such as concerts, theater, cinema, opera and festival are permitted within the framework of some rules.

-        Tickets without a picture are not allowed for sale.

-        However, the price of the ticket should be clearly visible in the picture.

-        The ticket cannot be sold at a price higher than the price of the ticket. Otherwise, can be considered this transaction as black market and suspend the membership.

Pet Sales: All contents in pet’s category cannot be sold for a fee at  Only free of charge adverts are allowed in the Pets category. If any priced sales are detected, the memberships are suspended.

Products with political content: All political / discriminatory / divisive products are prohibited (Flag, Cup, Ring, Picture, Portrait, Model etc.)

Promotional Products: Products that are printed, manufactured or distributed free of charge for promotional purposes by companies and institutions. (Ex: Coca Cola Cabinet etc.)