Annex-7 Store Terms of Use

“Corporate Member”: They are the legal entities and the commercial companies which are members of “Portal” and benefit from the services provided within the “Portal” with the conditions specified in this agreement.

“Category”: Advertisements in the portal are classified in the headings of PROPERTY, VEHICLE, SECOND HAND AND NEW SHOPPING, SPARE PARTS, ACCESSORIES HARDWARE & TUNING, CONSTRUCTION, EQUIPMENT & INDUSTRY, ANIMAL WORLD, DAILY RENT, RENT A CAR, MOTORCYCLE and each is defined as a separate “Category”.

“Package”: It is posting limit, in which the number of advertisements and the category is predefined, can be used by the Corporate Member or its representative during a membership period.

“Store”: It is the QATARBAZAAR product, which is mandatory for the “Corporate Member” to purchase, manage and exhibit its advertisements to conduct its commercial activities on the “Portal”. There are 3 type store credit packages which have different opportunity and specialization.

The section of the Corporate Membership Rules, which is organized under the following 1-3 items, will be applied for all “Stores.

1. Corporate Membership Rules

1.1 It includes the rules regarding the use of the “Store” of “Corporate Members and shall be subject to the provisions of the Portal Membership Agreement and its annexes. In cases where there are no regulations in these Corporate Membership Rules, the provisions of the Membership Agreement and its annexes shall apply, in case of a conflict between the two; these Corporate Membership Rules will be deemed valid. QATARBAZAAR reserves the right to change the Corporate Membership Rules at any time, and any changes or campaigns shall enter into force on the date of publication at the “Portal”. If the “Corporate Member” continues to use the “Store” from the date of the change, it means that it automatically accepts the renewed rules.

1.2 The Store Name, which will be opened by “Corporate Member”, must be entered as ‘Company Name’ so that the correct Store name shall be displayed in the lists. Icon, symbol and sign cannot be used in the “Store” name.

1.3 Links that refer to political expressions, e-mails and websites, and visual and reminder phrases (.com, .net, .org, .edu etc.)  cannot be used in the Store name, description, logo, sub-title, special category names, promotional pages, ad title and descriptions. Store name can not be the name of a registered company or brand by 3rd party’s person.  

1.4 The store provides services to only one firm or a single branch of the firm, including franchise firms. If the firm has branches, a separate store should be purchased for each branch. QATARBAZAAR shall act according to the criteria of different address information in determining the branch existence.  All or part of the rights arising from the Store may not be used, transferred or otherwise made available to a third party.

1.5 The Store may offer products that are not included in the Prohibited Products List and that follows the applicable laws and other legislation.

1.6 While the products are offered for sale in the “Store”, the Advertising Rules should be followed.

1.7 Only “Corporate Member”s can open a ”Store”. Legal entities must enter the Tax Office and Number, the private companies are required to enter the ID Number and other information requested by the QATARBAZAAR in a complete and correct manner either directly to the system or by mail.

1.8 The store ads are published within “Package limits”.

1.9 Corporate Members can open a Store by Category. There will be only one “Category” of ads in the “Store”. In case there is a need to advertise in different “Category”, a new “Store” must be opened.

2. Doping Terms of Use

2.1 “Doping” is the product that allows the ads with the determined price to be viewed by many people by highlighting the advertisement. It can be purchased by Corporate Members and its Sub-Users.

2.2 The duration of each “Doping” is 10 (ten) days from the publication of the “Doping” advertisement. If the “Doping” is cancelled before the end of the duration, the fee shall not be refunded. “Doping” used for each advertisement is only valid for the used advertisement and cannot be transferred to another advertisement.

2.3 When the “Doping” advertisement is deleted or unpublished, the “Doping” applied to that ad is fully used and the unused period of “Doping” can no longer be used.

2.4 If the use of the “Store” is disabled by QATARBAZAAR; the “Dopingsthat specifically defined for the “Store” shall not be refunded. Campaign “Doping” sales and/or other types of “Doping” in the various campaigns are not included in the scope of the refund.

3. Campaign Conditions

3.1 QATARBAZAAR, from time to time, has the right to organize various campaigns, draws for the “Store”s. “Store”s must participate in this campaign, lottery and other events by using their ‘User Name’. Transactions of “Sub-User”s by using ‘User Name’, do not grant the” Corporate Member” the right to participate in a campaign and/or draw.

3.2 The general conditions for this type of campaign and draw held by QATARBAZAAR are as follows; QATARBAZAAR reserves the right to determine different or additional terms in relation to any campaign or draw.

3.2.1 It is compulsory that the transaction, which entitles the participant benefit from any draw and campaign, must be realized within determined the draw and/or campaign period set by QATARBAZAAR.

3.2.2 Reimbursement or withdrawal of the transaction that gives the right to participate in the draw and/or campaign before the draw and/or campaign are concluded, the “Corporate Member” loses the right to take part in the draw and/or campaign. The “Store” accepts that the transaction cannot be withdrawn and cannot be refunded upon draw and/or campaign expiration.

3.2.3 In order to participate in any draw or campaign or benefit from the draw or campaign, the Corporate Membership should not be cancelled either by QATARBAZAAR or by the Corporate Member.

4. Control of Corporate Membership

4.1 In Corporate Membership, in the process of moderation, commercial Title, Tax Office, ID Number / Tax No, Address, Telephone No and, without limitation, other company information may be requested.

4.2 The Corporate Member is responsible for the accuracy of the information included in 4.1. Additional documents may be requested where necessary to confirm the accuracy of the information.

4.3 The correction of the information found to be incomplete or inaccurate will be expected to be completed for the opening of the “Store” when requested by QATARBAZAAR. If the request for correction is not fulfilled within 7 days, the “Store” Purchase Request will be cancelled.

4.4 In case of any change in the completed information; the “Corporate Member” shall inform QATARBAZAAR by updating the information on the portal within 30 days. The information entered during the notification shall be processed according to the information before the change is completed.

4.5 Upon determining that the “Corporate Member” gives false or incorrect information, its “Store” and Corporate Membership can be terminated immediately. The “Corporate Member”, whose “Store” has been cancelled, shall be responsible for the direct or indirect damages suffered by QATARBAZAAR and/or third parties.

4.6 Multiple stores are not allowed to operate under the same Store name and/or Store logo. Corporate Members wishing to use the same Store name and the Store logo are required to submit branch activity documents documenting their activity at different addresses. QATARBAZAAR reserves the right to close this Store in case the Store is found to be in violation of these rules.

5. Packages

5.1 Becoming a Corporate Member depends on the purchase of a “Store” package, and at least 1 “Package/Credit” must be connected to the “Store” in order to use the “Store”. It is not possible to use a “Store” without the package. 

5.2 Among the package options offered by QATARBAZAAR, the “Package” shall be selected based on the category, number of consultants, number of photos and number of advertisements. “Package”s may only be used for the “Category” for which they were purchased, and for that category, the respective “Package” must be purchased. For another category, the “Package” related to that category should be purchased.

5.3 In every credit/package buying (Membership or Store), it countinue as latest purchased package’s specialities. For example, when swap from platinium to super package. current AD credits remain but photo limit, quick approval and the other specifications update as latest purchased package.

5.4 Unless otherwise agreed, the duration of the “Package/Credit”s is defined as yearly and the “Package/Credit” cancellation requests will be notified to QATARBAZAAR Customer Service via e-mail and Signed-PDF. The “Corporate Member” should declare the cancellation request 1 day prior to the invoice date within the business hours.

5.5 Every per store’s ad credits belong itself. Not transferable to other stores.

5.6 The “Corporate Member” agrees and undertakes that QATARBAZAAR reserves the right to make changes in the “Package” options, contents, prices, campaign terms and conditions of use related to the “Package” at any time.

6. Termination of Corporate Membership and “Stores”;

In case the “Corporate Member” wants to close its “Store” or the “Store” is closed by QATARBAZAAR when the conditions arise, the “Corporate Membership” is also terminated. If the “Corporate Membership” is terminated, the Corporate Member's Store shall also be closed automatically.

6.1 If any of the following occurs, QATARBAZAAR may suspend the Corporate Member and Sub-users to post any ads users or may suspend the right to use the Store and, in case of non-compliance, may terminate the Corporate Membership.

- Corporate Members and/or Representative acting contrary to the Corporate Membership Rules and/or Portal Membership Agreement, infringement of rights,

- Providing incomplete, incorrect or inappropriate information to the official information during or after the “Membership” and “Store” opening

- Violating the Advertisement Rules

- Attitudes and behaviors contrary to law and morality

In case of suspension of the “Store”, the “Corporate Member” cannot post any ads within the specified period. In this case, the “Corporate Member” shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by QATARBAZAAR and/or third parties. If the Corporate Membership is terminated by QATARBAZAAR upon non-compliance; no refund will be made to the Corporate Member.

6.2 In case the “Corporate Member” wishes to cancel its membership on its own will or cancellation of Corporate Membership by QATARBAZAAR due to failure to fulfil its obligations; it is not possible to carry on with the ‘Individual Membership’ and the rights granted to the ‘Individual Member’ shall not be utilized.

6.3 In case the “Corporate Member” is found to be giving false or incorrect information, the “Store” can be closed immediately or suspended until the information has been corrected. In this case, the Corporate Member shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by QATARBAZAAR and / or third parties.

6.4 There should be at least 1 package defined to the Corporate Member in the “Stores”. If there are no defined packages or the current packages have been cancelled, QATARBAZAAR Corporate Membership is cancelled automatically or at any time.

6.5 In case the “Corporate Member” wishes to cancel the membership in the “Stores” on its own request or if the membership is terminated by QATARBAZAAR; any free / gift doping provided for any reason will not be included in the refund and will be cancelled.

6.6 The request for the cancellation of the Corporate Membership of the stores should be made within 15 (fifteen) days of the membership activation date. The Member who wants to terminate its Corporate Membership with a date of activation exceeding 15 (fifteen) days, it is not possible to reimburse any price.The Corporate Member requesting the cancellation of the Corporate Membership within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of activation, the purchased credit’s value that not used returned for “Store”.There is no possibility to return price of credits that used credits. In addition, if there is a free / gift doping provided for any reason in the store within 15 (fifteen) days of cancellation, the price of the doping used is deducted from the amount to be refunded. For cancellation, the Corporate Member must submit a return invoice.