Annex-6 Services Category Terms of Use Service Rules

1. The Membership

1.1 Corporate member registers the information stating that it is a professional to the system via by selecting Corporate Membership and Company Type and proceeds with opening the store from the ‘My Store’ section through the Membership Profile section and specifies the categories to serve. Only companies and enterprises (individual companies, commercial companies, etc.) can offer services at Services as a Corporate Member, real persons (Individual Members) are not able to provide store services.

1.2 The Corporate member has right to open store, publish ad and open stores as much as like under the membership’s account. When corporate members want to publish ad, they need to purchase credit in the store where the ad will publish. The credits are only for current store(s), there is no possibility to swap or move the credits on another store or membership.

2. Operation of Services

2.1 Corporate members are ranked in the search results in their respective category/categories.

2.2 Corporate members may be placed in the front row of the storefront home page for the during the specified period they are charged for the credit card. The storefront will be published alternately.  In case of blacklisting or membership cancellation of the corporate member, the refund of the storefront cannot be requested.

2.3 Individual members may receive service from Corporate members under service categories and score and / or leave a comment as specified in the scoring conditions for the performance of the Corporate member following the completion of the service. Individual members; may ask questions about the service provided to Corporate members.

2.4 Individual Member’s membership shall be terminated if the questions of the individual member to the Corporate member or person comments include contain statements contrary to personal rights, law and morality. The membership of the Corporate member who responds in the same way may be terminated and canceled.

2.5 Corporate member has no authority to remove the comments; in case of any objection about the comments, Corporate member may file a complaint to QATARBAZAAR with the documents indicating the reason for the objection.

2.6 The ads posted by Corporate members or Individual members are included in the search result lists.

3.Termination Policy of Corporate Membership

3.1. Termination Request of Corporate Member

3.1.1 Corporate member, within 15 (fifteen) days of the membership activation date, may send the cancellation request to QATARBAZAAR together with the required documents in writing. In this case, purchased credits that unused by the Corporate Member are returned as credit’s value to Corporate Member’s the bank account specified in the membership information of the via wire transfer / EFT. In order to cancel, the user is obliged to submit a return invoice. The payments made via credit card shall be returned to the credit card by the same method.

3.1.2 Requests to terminate Corporate membership notified to QATARBAZAAR after 15 (fifteen) days of membership activation date, membership may be terminated at the end of the relevant membership period or against a written request, but no refund is made.

3.1.3 The serving Corporate Member agrees to receive in-site informational messages, e-mail, SMS, electronic messages, text messages and calls for promotional and information purposes unless it cancels its membership.

3.1.4 In case of termination of the Corporate Membership within 15 (fifteen) days of the date of activation, in the period of any campaign or draw conducted by QATARBAZAAR, Member's right to participate in the campaign or the draw is forfeitured.

3.2 Termination of Corporate Membership by QATARBAZAAR

3.2.1 In case the actions of the corporate member or the services provided by the corporate member are contrary to the QATARBAZAAR Portal Membership Agreement, create a violation of rights, constitutes violation of law or morality, the information given during the membership application and the update of the membership information is incomplete, inaccurate or incompatible with the official information, the corporate membership may be suspended or terminated immediately by QATARBAZAAR.

3.2.2 In case of termination of membership or services under the membership, the membership fee of the Corporate Member shall not be restored.