Individual Membership Agreement

1. The Parties

In order to become a member of Portal with this Individual Membership Agreement, this agreement has been signed and entered in force in an electronic environment between Membership Agreement - an integral part of the annexes, terms and conditions specified in the and the “Individual Member” who approve these conditions.

2. The Subject and Scope of “Membership Agreement

The subject of this “Membership Agreement” is the determination of the “Services” offered on the “Portal”, the terms of use of these “Services” and the rights and obligations of the parties. All declarations such as warnings, notifications, applications and disclosures made by “QATARBAZAAR” are within the scope of this agreement with respect to the use, membership and services included in the “Portal” with the “Membership Agreement” and its annexes.  The “User” acknowledges and undertakes and that shall act in accordance with any declaration made by “QATARBAZAAR” regarding use, membership and services in the “Portal” by accepting the provisions of this “Membership Agreement”.

3. Membership Terms

3.1 In order to become a member of the “Portal”, it is necessary to attain maturity and temporarily not removed from membership by membership of QATARBAZAAR, suspended from membership or banned from membership indefinitely within the scope of this “Membership Agreement”.

3.2 “QATARBAZAAR” may terminate this “Membership Agreement” unilaterally with immediate effect at any time without any reason and notice, compensation, penalty or any other liability, and may temporarily cancel or suspend the “Membership”. Violation of the rules specified in the “Portal”, “Member” posing a risk to the “QATARBAZAAR” information security system are the conditions for termination or temporary suspension of membership.

4. The Rights and Obligations of the Parties

4.1 The Rights and Obligations of the “Member”

4.1.1 The “Member” acknowledges and undertakes that ‘’the Member’’ acts in line with the rules, declarations, all applicable laws and codes of conduct specified in the “Portal” and understands and approves all terms and conditions in the “Portal” with the provisions of the “Membership Agreement”.

4.1.2 In the case of “QATARBAZAAR” is obliged to make a statement to the official authorities in line with the provisions of the applicable legislation; “Member” acknowledges and undertakes that “QATARBAZAAR” is authorized to disclose confidential / private / specific personal data / commercial information to the official authorities, and therefore shall not demand regardless of the name under which compensation for any reason from “QATARBAZAAR”. Except that, in the event that the “Member” notifies the “QATARBAZAAR” of any alleged violation of the rights of any person or entity regarding the advertisements made on the Portal, the ‘’Member’’ shall apply to the judiciary; “QATARBAZAAR” may inform the related party the name, surname, communication and all other information in the system reported by the “Member”.

4.1.3 It is the sole responsibility of the members to ensure the security of the user name and password they use in accessing the QATARBAZAAR Membership Account, to ensure that they are used exclusively and solely by themselves and protect those from third parties. The “Member” shall be liable for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages that may be incurred by other “Member”s and / or “QATARBAZAAR” and / or third parties due to their negligence.

4.1.4 The “Member” acknowledges and undertakes that the information and contents provided by him/her within the “Portal” are correct and lawful, that the publication of such information and content on the “Portal” or the sale and display of the products related to such content do not constitute a violation of any law in accordance with the applicable legislation in force. “QATARBAZAAR” shall not be liable or responsible for investigating the accuracy of the information and content transmitted to the “QATARBAZAAR” by the “Member” or uploaded by the “Member” on the “Portal” and shall not be liable for any damages arising from the incorrect or faulty information and contents or publication of those.

4.1.5 The “Member” may not transfer this “Membership Agreement” or its rights and obligations within the scope of this “Membership Agreement” to any third party in part or in whole without the written consent of “QATARBAZAAR”.

4.1.6 The “Member” may operate on the “Portal” for lawful purposes. The member's legal and criminal responsibility for each transaction and action carried out within the Portal belongs to the ‘’Member’’. The “Member” acknowledges and undertakes and that shall not reproduce, copy, distribute the pictures, texts, visual and auditory images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists contained within the “Portal”, which shall constitute the infringement of their personal rights, assets or personal data of “QATARBAZAAR” and/or another third party, shall not transfer to another database, or shall not upload to the “Portal” in such a way as to produce such results; shall not perform any commercial activities by performing such actions; shall not conduct any acts or transactions that directly and / or indirectly constitute unfair competition either through these actions or by other means. “QATARBAZAAR” shall not be held directly and / or indirectly liable for any damages incurred or may have incurred by third parties due to the activities of the “Member” on the “Portal” which they have carried out unlawfully and contrary to the provisions of this “Membership Agreement”

4.1.7 “QATARBAZAAR” allows “Member”s to view ads and to use the “QATARBAZAAR” Interface only for learning the contents of the respective advertisements, other than that, QATARBAZAAR shall not allow or consent trying to reach a certain number of advertisements or the whole database, partial or complete copying of advertisements, publishing them directly or indirectly in other media, compilation, processing, transfer to other databases, granting access to user from this database and processing of similar acts, including linking to ads on “QATARBAZAAR”.  Such acts are unlawful; “QATARBAZAAR” reserves the right to demand, claim and follow up.

4.1.8 The “Member” acknowledges and undertakes that that “QATARBAZAAR” does not have responsibility for any defect in the goods or services received from third parties, and that the addressee of all kinds of claims and liability of the goods and services  belong to the seller within the scope of the Law on Consumer Protection and other applicable legislation and discharge “QATARBAZAAR” for any liability or obligation in relation to those.

4.2. The Rights and Obligations of the “QATARBAZAAR”

4.2.1 QATARBAZAAR, agrees, declares and undertakes the fulfilment of the disclosure of the services specified in this “Membership Agreement”; within the description of the relevant services in the “Membership Account” and under the terms and conditions specified in this “Membership Agreement” and establish and operate the technological infrastructure necessary for the provision of services specified in this “Membership Agreement”. The obligation to establish the technological infrastructure specified in this Article does not mean an unlimited and complete service commitment; “QATARBAZAAR” may, at any time, discontinue or terminate the services and technological infrastructure specified in this Membership Agreement without any notice.

4.2.2 “QATARBAZAAR” reserves the right to change the services and the content provided on the “Portal” at any time and reserves the right to close access to third parties and delete the information and content that “Members” upload to the system to third parties, including “Portal” users. “QATARBAZAAR” may use this right without prior notice and time. The “Members” are obliged to fulfil the amendments and / or corrections requested by” QATARBAZAAR” immediately. “QATARBAZAAR” may make changes and / or corrections if deemed necessary. Damages, legal and criminal liabilities arising from the user's failure to make changes and/or corrections requested by “QATARBAZAAR” in due time, shall be fully owned by the users.

4.2.3 Through the “Portal”, “Sellers” who are not under “QATARBAZAAR”'s own control may give a link to other websites and/or portals, files or content owned and operated by third parties These links may be provided by the “Members’’ or by "QATARBAZAAR" for ease of reference only and do not constitute a declaration of verification or guarantee of any kind with the purpose of supporting the website or operator of which the link is directed or the website or information contained therein.  “QATARBAZAAR” does not have any responsibility for the portals, websites, files and contents accessed through links on the portal, the services or products provided via portals or websites accessed through these links.

4.2.4 “QATARBAZAAR” may remove posts and content from access at any time and in any way that violates the general code of conduct of the “Portal”, the law, the rights of others, the terms of the Member Agreement, the protection of personal data; “QATARBAZAAR” may terminate the membership of this “Member” posted this post and content without any notice.

4.2.5 “QATARBAZAAR”, its employees and managers are not obliged to investigate and verify the authenticity and accuracy of the content provided by the “Member”s and “User”s on the Portal.

5. Amendments to the “Membership Agreement”

 “QATARBAZAAR” may, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, amend this “Membership Agreement” by publishing on the Portal at any time it deems appropriate. The amended provisions of this “Membership Agreement” shall enter into force on the date of publication on the “Portal”, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and shall continue to have effect and bear consequences. Hereby this “Membership Agreement” may not be amended by the “Member”'s unilateral statements.

6. Termination of Individual Membership

In case the “Individual Member” is found to be giving false or incorrect information, the “Membership” can be closed immediately or suspended until the information has been corrected. In this case, the Individual Member shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by QATARBAZAAR and / or third parties.

In our system, since providing FREE [Trial] package for all members, there is no refund to Individual Member who wants to cancellation of purchased updated products/credits.

7. Force Majeure

In all cases considered as force majeure by law, “QATARBAZAAR” shall not be liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of the acts determined by this “Membership Agreement”. These and other situations shall not be deemed delayed, incomplete or non-performance or default of “QATARBAZAAR” or for any of these cases “QATARBAZAAR” shall not be entitled to compensation under any name. The term force majeure shall be interpreted as events which cannot be avoided except the reasonable control of the related party and which the QATARBAZAAR cannot prevent despite showing due diligence including natural disaster, rebellion, war, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, improvement or renewal of the system, and therefore failures, power outages and bad weather conditions.

8. The “Membership Agreement” Annexes

Member accepts and declares that “Annex-1 Terms of Use, Annex-2 Privacy Policy, Annex-3 Qatarbazaar Services, Annex-4 Advertising Rules, Annex-5 Change in User Profile, Annex-6 Services Category Terms of Use, Annex-8 Prohibited Products List and the terms and rules published in “Portal” are annexed and inseparable in this “Membership Agreement”, read and understand the contents, and as a “Member“ they shall act in accordance with “Membership Contract” with its appendixes and the rules published in the “Portal” unconditionally.


Annex-1 Terms of Use
Annex-2 Privacy Policy
Annex-3 Qatarbazaar Services
Annex-4 Advertising Rules
Annex-5 Change in User Profile
Annex-6 Services Category Terms of Use
Annex-8 Prohibited Products List